Mike Lancaster - Comedian

Mike Lancaster – Comedian

‘The Unsung Hero of British Comedy’ - Mikes style lends itself to every situation from playing arenas of 20,000 people to intimate cabarets.

About The Act

Mike Lancaster – Comedian has been described as:

‘The Unsung Hero of British Comedy’

The amazing title was bestowed on Mike Lancaster in the press whilst touring with Engelbert Humperdink.

A very varied career performing at every level of the business.

Apart from many television credits Mike has spent a lot of time opening for international stars, such as;

Shirley Bassey – Three Tours
Michael Ball – Five Tours
The Everly Brothers – Two Tours
Engelbert Humperdink – Five Tours
Julio Iglesias – One Tour
Chrystal Gale – One Tour

Countless top summer shows and pantomimes. Touring with many British household names. Playing every major theatre in the UK many times over.

For many years touring with Freddie Starr, resuming in 2015 with West End dates.

Mikes style lends itself to every situation from playing arenas of 20,000 people to intimate cabarets.

A very experienced, very stylish performer

…A very funny man!!!

Mike Lancaster Full Biography

Mike Lancaster is one of Britain’s funniest comedians and labelled by the critics as ‘The unsung hero of British Comedy’. He has worked with many household names such as Engelbert Humperdinck, Julio Iglesias, Michael Ball, The Everly Brothers, Dame Shirley Bassey to name but a few.

Mike Lancaster was the first comedian to play MEN arena in Manchester and he has performed at all major arena’s in the UK including several performances at the London Palladium.

Mike Lancaster’s numerous television appearances include The Bobby Davro Show, The Golden Shot, Celebrity squares and the Comedians.

If you are looking for a comedian at the top of the list you have just discovered one of Britain’s best kept comic secrets. Mike Lancaster

Mike Lancaster is one if the busiest performers in this precarious industry called show business. As you will see from the list below Mike Lancaster is vastly experienced in all differing facets of performance, from intimate cabaret rooms, to playing in front of 19,000 people on Shirley Bassey’s UK Arena Tour.

Mike Lancaster’s philosophy is ‘move with the times’.

Constantly re-inventing and updating his material has enabled him to stay at the fore front of comedy and successfully compete with the expone0nts of alternative stand-up.

As well as his live performance work, Mike Lancaster appeared regularly on television shows including ‘Sunday Night at the Palladium’ Three Summertime specials and Bobby Davro’s TV shows.

He is equally busy on the corporate circuit performing at after dinner functions, product launches and promotional events.

Mike Lancaster is comfortable in any situation and is well known for doing an excellent job with the minimum of fuss.
Mike Lancaster’s Theatre Role Call:

1987 Bobby Davro Tour
1988 Bobby Davro – Blackpool Season
1989 Bobby Davro – Torquay Theatre + TV Series + Shirley Bassy Tour
1990 Scarbourgh Theatre
1991 Gerry & The Pacemakers ( month Tour.
1992 Jack Jones Summer Tour + Grumbleweeds Tour + Michael Ball Tour
1993 Everly Brothers Tour + Freddy Star Summer Tour + Michael Ball Tour
1994 Freddie Starr Summer Tour + Bourmouth Theatre
1995 Grumbleweeds Tour + Torquay Theatre + Shirley Bassy Arena UK Tour
1998 Bradley Walsh UK Concert Tour
2000 Joe Longthorne UK Tour
2001 Joe Longthorne Concert tour
2002 Freddie Starr UK ‘Unwrapped’ Tour
2003 Scarborough Theatre. + Freddie Starr Show Blackpool+ Julio Iglesias World Tour (UK )
2004 Freddie Starr UK Tour + Engelert Humperdink World Tour + Freddie starr Blackpool
2005Bobby Davro UK Tour + Norman Collier Show, Blackpool + Crystal Gail Tour
2006 Scarbourgh Theatre + Platters Tour + Englebert Humpadink Tour
2007 The Magic of Variety, Hippodrome Theatre, Eastbourne.
2008 Freddie Starr 50 date Tour of the UK.
2009 Freddie Starr Summer Tour + Choice Hotels Tour
2010 Engelbert Humpedink European Tour.

Mike Lancaster - Comedian

‘A Very Funny Man’  Mike Lancaster – Comedian