Stars In Their Eyes 2015


Stars In Their Eyes (ITV Production) returns to your screens in January 2015

Season: 2015

Hosted By: Harry Hill

Airing Date: January 2015

We are excited that some of our highly popular tribute artistes are appearing on the 2015 season.

As you may already know, this provides a very welcomed boost to the tribute industry as a whole, and introduces the whole tribute concept back into the mainstream. Historically, every time this show is aired for a complete season, the demand increases massively for tribute act bookings.

Shout Entertainment have constantly supplied past contestants, season runners up, and winners since the programs first airing in June 1990.

In light of this great news, and through TV media advertising, we have already taken an unprecedented amount of enquiries and confirmed bookings for 2015.

Don’t miss out!

Please consider reserving your tribute entertainment sooner rather than later to ensure you have choices.