Pub Singers – Male & Female Vocalists for For Hire.

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If you’re looking for Pub singers & vocalists for Social Clubs & Bars in Greater Manchester, you have come to the right page.

Rebecca Parry - Female Vocalist

Shout Entertainment have been providing top quality singers to the wonderful pubs, wine bars and working men’s clubs of Greater Manchester for over 20 years. In fact, our catchment area for solo vocalists is realistically 50 miles from Manchester so we stretch from Leeds to Liverpool and Stoke to Lancaster. We literally have hundreds of pub singers to choose from.

Many of our regular booking venues have very different needs and requirements and let’s not forget budgets. However, if you’re looking to book entertainment for your Public House, Social Club or Cocktail Bar we should be able to find you the right entertainer.

Theme Nights

Most people are looking to book a solo singer with a wide range of songs to please all their customers. Other clients want more of a theme night such as a soul night. How about a night full of the Soul and Motown legends featuring the sounds of Otis Redding, Aretha Franklin, Billie Holiday and Etta James of yesteryear or the more ‘modern’ sounds of Marvin Gaye and Whitney Houston. These nights are always popular.

Other popular theme nights on our website are sounds from the decades such as 70s & 80s nights which are still in demand. We also have popular wartime acts and Irish nights for when the special occasions call.

Tribute Acts.

For some, a regular pop singer is not enough, some prefer the tribute acts. We have been covering the whole of the UK for tribute acts such as the rock and roll king himself, Elvis Presley. Many other popular choices are Freddie Mercury, Amy Winehouse, Lady Gaga and other rock stars. Click this link to find a full alphabetical list of all our available tribute acts. Alternatively if you are looking for a particular tribute act you an use the search facility on any main page.

Occasionally, one of our regular clients may be host to a private party or wedding and we can help source to entertainment when special requests have been made. Such requests have varied form female jazz singers to female rock chics or a good looking male vocalist! Wedding, private parties and corporate events are something we can always provide for.

Male & Female Singers

We have scouted and auditioned many solo vocalists to bring you only the best female and male singers in the North West area. We audition the artists to ensure the best in vocal quality. There is also another reason we insist on an audition. We believe its the only way we can be confident that the sound equipment new singers use, is up to the job.

When booking a male or female vocalist for your venue you will already have agreed the arrival time with the booking agent. This is often around 1 hour before you want them to start singing. All singers are fully self-contained which means that carry all their own equipment. All you need to supply if the electricity and perhaps a nice cold glass of lemonade. Typically, you will be booking your artiste for 90 minutes. This is usually broken down into 2 spots of 45 minutes each. Some venues, however, prefer 3 spots of 30 minutes each. This varies from venue to venue and areas. In Lancashire, for example, the standard artiste spot times are 2 x 45 minutes however in Yorkshire the social clubs in that area seem to prefer 3 x 30-minute spots.

Most of the pub singers on our site have quality videos along with a short biography, pictures and a set list of songs they usually perform. Use the links below to see for yourself.

Male Vocalists

Female Vocalists