The Best Ed Sheeran Tribute Acts in the UK

March 21, 2019 1:40 am Published by

Are you looking for an Ed Sheeran tribute show for Europe or any corner of the UK? We have found the best tributes all over from London, Manchester Birmingham and everywhere in between.

The most authentic Sheeran tributes acts are excellent musicians. That have practiced and mastered the loop pedal just like the real Ed Sheeran. They have the look! The ginger hair, the trademark clothes, and the tattoos. All this painstaking hard work to perfect a show that will have you singing along and tapping your dancing feet as if you were in the presence of Ed Sheeran himself.

Each featured Ed Sheeran Tribute act has a video. You can see the look-alike qualities for yourself and listen to the stunning vocal abilities.

Ed Sheeran tributes are the number one requested tribute act of 2017 & 2018. This follows the unforgettable performance of Ed Sheeran when he single-handedly headlined Glastonbury in 2017. Performing on the pyramid stage in front of thousands was his dream come true.

Sheeran’s appeal crosses all age barriers, appealing to everyone from 6 to 66. This feature broadens his appeal to all types of booking venues. From corporate events and private functions to holiday camps and the many clubs and bars throughout the UK.

Ed Sheeran Songs

All the songs are carefully handpicked from his 3 best selling albums. They feature mega hits such as ‘The A-Team’ ‘Shape of You’ ‘Castle on the Hill’ and ‘Bloodstream’. ‘Perfect’, another well-loved song was the most played song at weddings during 2017. As such, Sheeran tributes have been tremendously busy covering wedding receptions all over the UK.

The astonishing music one guitar and a loop pedal can make are totally outrageous when you see these guys in action with the telltale 2 microphones set up. One records the self-made backing track. This can be a mixture of guitar, vocals and a beat taken from the tapping or slapping of the guitar to make a base beat.

Not all tribute acts use the loop-pedal, some stick with the time honoured backing tracks and in the main, although most of the general public may not notice the difference, real fans and musos will appreciate the loop-pedal.

Ed Sheeran always appears to be touring. In 2019 he won a Brits award which he gratefully accepted in Peru! In 2018 his stadium tour of the UK was an instant sell out. He still found time to appear with a cameo performance during Eminem’s performances in the UK during 2018. In 2019 he is still completing his world tour.

Ed Sheeran has certainly come a long way since he was ‘discovered’ on YouTube. There is a great demand to listen to his songs that the Ed Sheeran tribute Acts are all too ready to fill. We have collected what we think are the best tributes to Ed Sheeran or you can just skip to Dan East‘s Webpage.