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Beyonce Tribute Act - Nicola T

How did the Beyonce phemonina start?

Well, Beyonce Knowles is no stranger to fame and fortune. Beyonce is a singer, songwriter and actress. Her rise to fame started with Destinys Child, an amazing girl group whose hits such as ‘Say My Name’, ‘Independent Women’ and ‘Survivor’ ruled the charts in the UK and US in the late 90s to around 2005.

Beyonce has released many albums since her first release in 2005 which was B’day. However, its the countless hit singles he is most remembered and admired for. Her songs have been played all over the world and no matter where you are, you can always hear a Beyonce song on the radio.

Classic songs such as ‘Crazy In Love,’ ‘Single Ladies’, ‘Irreplaceable’ and ‘If I were a Boy’ have sold millions and been played billions of times on radio and worldwide media. Her popularity spans all age group form the young and the young at heart.

Beyonce has filled stadiums worldwide and is often accompanied by her rapper husband Jay Z. The problem with Beyonce, from a fans point of view, is she does not tour often enough! At least, not in the UK. This is why the Beyonce tribute show has gained popularity.

Have you ever wondered, why are Beyonce tributes so popular?

If you book or hire a Beyonce tribute act you are booking a Beyonce greatest its show. Imagine, all the greatest Beyonce hits performed for you in a solid hour of the best music! That’s even better than the real thing. The girls that perform these shows are accomplished vocalists and dancers.

If you book a show with dancers you can usually choose how many dancers you would like. The minimum would be 2 and then its multiples of two, to as many your budget can afford. Shows with dancers are great for larger venues and big stages. The routines are fully choreographed and slick with eye-catching costumes and costume changes throughout depending on the brief.

Beyonce tributes are booked for all type events such as weddings, corporate events and parties. This is simply because her music is so diverse and popular with everyone. You can sing along to the power ballads such as ‘Halo’ and ‘Listen’ one minute and the next you will be shaking your booty on the dancefloor to ‘Naughty Girl’ and ‘Beautiful Liar’.

Beyonce tribute impersonators have become well known themselves in the UK where there are 3 or 4 that are considered the main ones. Each has built up their own following of fans and supporters, most will follow them around from gig to gig.

Each tribute act will have a showreel video for you to watch before you hire. They can perform sets of 2 x 45 mins or an hour or more. With a quality sound and light system suitable for most occasions, you would be crazy not to take advantage of this popular tribute act.

If your looking to hire a Beyonce tribute act, look here!

The full selection of the Beyonce tribute artistes we can be seen here. The most popular Beyonce tribute we at Shout Entertainment have booked out is Nicola T and you can go straight to her page by clicking Beyonce Tribute Act – Nicola T