Photography – Headshots & Publicity for Singers.

May 3, 2020 7:36 pm Published by

Steve Lowrey Photography is the preferred vendor for Shout Entertainment artists when it comes to publicity and headshot photographs.

Well known in the North West area as a headshot and portrait specialist photographer his skill extends to fashion, models, actors and entertainers photography and headshots.

Combining different skills lends itself to unique and styled photographs. Of course, standard and bespoke pictures can always be requested and the client’s input into the type of photoshoot that is required is of paramount importance.

Once the client has spoken to the photographer, the client is encouraged to send over any pictures the client has in mind. This makes the session time together run more smoothly and the time is used efficiently. Of course, that’s not always necessary and quite a few photoshoots are run off the cuff.

The photo sessions themselves can be outdoor or studio-based. Usually, the client will decide their preferred option depending on the style of shot required. The new studio, Atherton Photo Studio is ideal for publicity & headshots.

Once the pictures have been taken the proof then goes to the studio where the magic happens!

Actors’ headshots are processed in a different way than entertainers’ publicity photographs. Each image is given the highest amount of professional care to deliver the correct product to the client.

Once the pictures have been edited, cropped and colour graded there is an opportunity to add special effects which are an option for the client, and these will be discussed in full by the live performance artiste and photographer.

Some singers wish to have a picture edited into a poster format. This is another optional extra that can be provided by Steve Lowrey Photography.

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