Alfie Boe Tribute Act - David Marshall

Alfie Boe Tribute Act – David Marshall

Superb vocal performance of songs from the Westend, Broadway, and Pop Classics...

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About The Act

Alfie Boe Tribute Act, David Marshall brings the best of musical theatre to you. The show consists of songs from Les Miserable including ‘Bring Him Home’

David Marshall performs one of the hardest tributes around with sheer perfection.

The tribute consists of songs ranging from the very start of Alfie Boe’s career to the latest album he has made with the WHOS Quadrophenia, with a special section featuring Les Miserable.

Look at the posters below to see the Westend and Broadway Shows David Marshall can perform as Alfie Boe or himself.

Alfie Boe Tribute Act – Show Posters

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Alfie Boe Tribute Act – Bring Him Home

Alfie Boe Tribute Act - David Marshall