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If you are serious about starting your day with a touch of brilliance, start with Divinity choir.

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Choir for hire, Manchester – Divinity are a very busy choir based in Manchester that transform events. They will perform any format from solo to a 4 piece.

There is no better way to improve your wedding, civil ceremony and other important services such as a funeral, and make it memorable and subtly a classy occasion, than hiring a professional choir.

The video below features the choir lead – Laura Mac.

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Laura – Solo – Sound Clip


Formed in early 2009 simply from the demand, Laura, the choir leader who also sings solo at hundreds of weddings a year was consistently asked to provide a choir due to the poor or non existent choirs in the area.

Divinity was born and a new modern choir was born giving you a wider range of song choice at your wedding. Modern songs are now an option along with all the traditional church wedding music with or without an organist.

The choir singers usually perform as a 4 piece however thay can perform solo, duo or trio.

The sound is pure perfection! From glorious harmonies to beautiful solo singing, they can accommodate all your needs!! And on the rare occasions they don’t know your song, they will learn it!

Superb Wedding Singer, Laura is also available to sing as a soloist should this be your preference.

This ‘Church Choir’ are especially popular at Civil Ceremonies, where you may find the usual CD on a small CD/Radio player not exactly suitable to your taste.

If you are serious about starting your day with a touch of brilliance, start with Divinity. A professional choir.

Final arrangements for your wedding day are made directly with Laura the choir leader. She will offer any help or advice if you think need it.

Divinity will also perform at funeral services.

We can also provide package deals for wedding singers and entertainment for the evening or reception.

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Choir for hire, Manchester – Divinity – Weddings & Services

Laura Mac Wedding Singer