Frankie Valli Tribute Act - Daniel Winters

Frankie Valli Tribute Act – Daniel Winters

A solo Frankie Valli Tribute Show, all the hits and much less cost than a tribute band.

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Frankie Valli Tribute Act – Daniel Winters performs a one-man tribute show to Frankie Valli & the Jersey Boys that will have you dancing in the isles!

The Valli of Legends Show provides a full set of Frankie Valli classics followed by more hits from the Rock and Roll Legends of yesteryear!

Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons stormed the American and UK charts during the 1960s and beyond and of late their popularity has risen again through such stage shows as The Jersey Boys.

In a blistering hit-packed show Daniel performs Frankie Vallies greatest hits and more…


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Frankie Valli Tribute Act – Daniel Winters Testimonial

I would strongly recommend this act. He recently did his act for me st my Club and got rave reviews from the packed crowd. Regards, Dave Fletcher, Chairman - Ashby Road Sports Club
Dave Fletcher
Morning Daniel, great meeting and working with you and your dad last night. Really enjoyed the format, fluency and professionalism of your show. Most of all I thought your voice was right on the money and I don't think you realise how good you really are. I wish you all the very best with your tribute to frankie Vallie and I hope we can do something again together in the near future. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and as I said at the end of my set before my final song it was a pleasure to share the same stage as Daniel Winters as Frankie Vallie. Take care all the best kirk and family. I would love to do something with him again in the near future and I thought both of our shows complimented each other . Have a good weekend Steve all the best kirk X  
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