Goldie Cheung performed on X Factor 2011

Goldie Cheung – X Factor 2011

Goldie Cheung - X Factor 2011, Once seen never forgotten...

About The Act

Goldie Cheung performed on X Factor 2011Goldie Cheung

Goldie Cheung performed on X Factor 2011 and after performing at the Judges House of Louis Walsh and being put through to the live finals, she resigned from the show.

However she gave some of the most memorable and popular performnces of any Xfactor contestant ever! Goldie is popular for performances and PA work.

“Goldie Cheung was born in Hong Kong, where from an early age she had a great interest in Chinese dance and music. She took the opportunity to learn and practice more, and taught dance to students at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.
In 2011 Goldie appeared on UK television many times and was selected as one of the last 16 acts to join the live televised finals of the top UK show the X Factor.
Goldie is also a fully qualified Tai Chi teacher who has studied Tai Chi and Chi Kung both in Hong Kong and the United Kingdom. Goldie came to Tai Chi after fracturing part of her spine in an accident and, although recovering full mobility after a short period of paralysis, suffering chronic back pain as a result. Goldie is now pain free, which she attributes to her practicing Tai Chi over the years.
Goldie also has an interest in, and has qualifications in, other holistic disciplines, and teaches Tai Chi and Chi Kung, and Chinese culture, language, dance and song privately and through classes and workshops at various locations locally.
Goldie has been very successful at a competitive level, both in tai chi and in Chinese singing and dancing. She won three Gold Medals at the British Open Championships of the Tai Chi Union for Great Britain (TCUGB), and two Gold Medals at the British Council for Chinese Martial Arts (BCCMA) British Championships in 2007, as well as a special award for the Most Outstanding Female Competitor at the TCUGB Open Championships that year.
Goldie Cheung is also a successful Chinese singer, having been selected to represent Europe in the world final of the Chinese Channel’s “Minutes to Fame” competition, where she performed the music of one of Hong Kong’s greatest popular singers, Anita Mui.
Goldie regularly sings and performs dance routines and tai chi workshops at charity and community events, including Chinese New Year celebrations in Liverpool and surrounding areas.”


Goldie Cheung – X Factor 2011