Looking for a Spice Girls Tribute Band?

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Spice Girls Tribute Band - Wannabe - 90s Tribute Act

Girl Power. Where did it all start?

The Spice Girls formed in 1994. 25 years later they are touring the UK, the 25th-anniversary tour in 2019. Will it be the same without ‘Posh’? Victoria Beckham maybe sat at home during the tour but she will still appear on the official T-shirts during the tour.

In 1994 Gerry Halliwell, Emma Bunton, Mel B, Mel C and Victoria Adams formed the Spice Girls. Victoria later married and became Victoia Beckham. In 1996 Girl Power was presented to the world and their first hit single ‘Wannabe’ smashed into number 1 in 10 different countries. The song’s hook was so powerful people still sing ‘Tell me what you want what you really really want’ some 25 years on. The bands appeal to the female audience was key and their pseudonyms of Baby Spice, Sporty Spice, Ginger Spice, Scary Spice and of course Posh Spice, set them apart from anything that was current at that time. They not have been the first all-girls group but they soon became the most popular and shaped the future for those that followed.

The girls had a fairly clean-cut image and went out of the way to appeal to young girls with their dynamic ‘Girl Power’ slogan. From 1996 to 99 they dominated the UK charts with every song bar one hitting the number one spot.

Here are their hit songs, do you know which one didn’t make number one?

“Wannabe” “Say You’ll Be There” “2 Become 1” “Mama” “Who Do You Think You Are” “Spice Up Your Life” “Too Much” “Stop” “Viva Forever” “Goodbye” “Holler” “Let Love Lead the Way”

It was, of course, ‘Stop’ which only managed to get to number 2.

So as the original Spice Girls get ready for another Spice world journey tour, what about the fans?

Make way for the Spice Girls Tribute Bands.

Spice Girls fans cannot wait for a tour once every 10 years or so, and given the re-emergence of the music from the 90s, the Spice Girls tribute shows are now more popular than ever. A Spice Girls tribute act recreates the era of girl power. Fancy dress parties and theme nights aways contain some form of spice. From Posh, Sporty and the rest, a hip-shaking chart stomping Spice night brings the old school memories flooding back. The Union Jack dresses never go out of date.

For a high energy girl band performance, with the best music of the 1990s the popular choice must be a Spice Girls tribute band.

You are likely to find them performing everywhere while the real band are on tour. Already the UK holiday centres and hotels have booked well ahead. Many have taken their tribute shows to the theatres whilst others prefer to perform at special events such as weddings and corporate parties.

There is even a selection of Spice Girls solo acts for fans with smaller budgets.

While the fans of yesteryear were mainly still at school, they are all grown up now and want to dance again!

So which Spice Girls Tribute Band should you choose?

We have handpicked some of the best ones to help you, but ultimately the choice is yours. Spend some time watching videos, listen to the vocal quality and glance upon the costumes. Make sure you know how many people will be attending your event so the right size sound equipment can be matched up.

The Spice Girls are as happy to perform in front of intimate parties of 50 as they are at festivals of several thousands of people. Good entertainment agents should be able to answer most of your queries. We have listed a selection here, however, this is our most requested Spice Girls tribute band